Rest and Retreats for Families
Impacted by Special Needs

We’re dedicated to supporting and strengthening families impacted by special needs – enhancing the quality of life for individuals with special needs and offering rejuvenation and resources to those who love and care for them.

Our Beliefs
We believe in the dignity of human life
and in the preservation and protection of such life as God has granted us.
We believe in freedom
from labels and low expectations.
We acknowledge the primacy of prayer
and our need to seek God’s guidance before, during, and after the making of decisions.

We believe in bringing strength
and hope through our words and actions.
We believe in selfless service,
genuine concern, and unconditional love.
We believe in challenging people
to step beyond the limits of the ordinary and, in doing so, to achieve the extraordinary.
We view leadership, creativity, boldness,
and unwavering belief in our mission as vital components in the pursuit of excellent ministry to our guests.
We recognize our crucial responsibility
for financial stewardship and fiscal responsibility.
We respect the land
and its resources as gifts from God and will strive to be effective and wise stewards.


“Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.”

– Matthew 11:28