Your Company’s Commitment
Has a Direct Impact on Families

According to The Disability Funders Network, individuals with special needs are twice as likely as able-bodied individuals to have an average household income of $15,000 or less per year.

Skyrocketing healthcare and insurance rates – coupled with the steep costs of medical and adaptive equipment – often cause a strain on the finances of families impacted by special needs. Recreational budgets are kept to a bare minimum, or in many cases are non-existent.

Corporate donors form the backbone of our organization, allowing us to develop and sustain key programs and events at little to no cost to our visitors. Your company’s commitment to The Hopeful Farm Foundation has a direct influence on the families we serve.

Benefits of a Relationship

Forming a relationship with The Hopeful Farm Foundation enables your company to fulfill social responsibilities while creating a positive profile in the community. We are committed to fiscal responsibility, integrity, and accountability; and take pride in allowing you to see your dollars making a difference. By joining our team, you play a key part in helping families impacted by special needs.

High Visibility and Strengthened Loyalty

Hopeful Farm’s corporate donors receive exposure and recognition through a variety of events – from targeted luncheons and dinners to community-wide fundraisers – as well as online.

A relationship with Hopeful Farm will also have a positive impact on your customers and employees. According to the Cone/Roper Millenial Cause Study (2006) and studies performed by the Kenexa Research Institute (2007):

83 percent of Americans say they trust a company more if it is involved in a cause they care about

74 percent of Americans, age 13 to 25, are more likely to pay attention to a company’s message if the company is visibly involved with a cause.

69 percent of Americans consider a company’s social commitment when deciding where to shop.

A company’s involvement in corporate social responsibility initiatives has a significant influence on how employees view senior management and engage in work activities.

Eight in 10 Americans, born between 1979 and 2001, want to work for a company that contributes to society.

64 percent of Americans say their company’s commitment to a social cause increases employee loyalty.

Corporate Partnership

Each corporate partnership with The Hopeful Farm Foundation includes the following components:

• Financial Support – Your financial contribution enables us to create and maintain top-quality, affordable programs.

• In-kind Donations – Your in-kind donations may be used to gain exposure for your products and to improve the quality of family visits to Hopeful Farm.

• Volunteerism – Follow up your commitment with hands-on experience for employees or associates. Volunteerism gives greater exposure in the community and allows employees to actively support our mission.

For more information, contact our executive director: 847-613-5715