“Great things are done by a series of smaller things brought together.”  ~ Vincent van Gogh

Meet Shannon and Hannah Dillinger. They’re vibrant, beautiful, loving sisters. Shannon is 9, Hannah is 12. Shannon has Down Syndrome.

The Dillingers first contacted me early in 2010, when Christine Dillinger and her husband Wayne came across the Hopeful Farm website. Over the following months, they proved to be staunch supporters – both in word and in deed.

The Dillingers held a garage sale and donated the proceeds – more than $1,000 – to Hopeful Farm. They’ve also kept us in their prayers and support the organization on a regular basis. They believe in the series of small things that are coming together. Here are just a few of them:

Hopeful Farm was recently featured on the local website Lexington Commons in a very nice article written by Anne Marie Sanderson, a communications major at the University of Kentucky.

Speaking of the University of Kentucky, that venerable institution’s Kentucky Non-Profit Network is what led Sanderson to our organization. We’re members of the network, and as such will be going through the new Organizational and Planning Implementation Workbook that was recently developed by non-profit experts to help growing young organizations just like ours.

Program development, fundraising, and networking remain a high priority as we head toward the end of this year’s first quarter. We are actively seeking the donation of land in or around the Lexington area, and we also need a few more dedicated board members, as well as select volunteers to help with our media campaign. If you’re interested in ministering to families impacted by special needs, please contact us today!